QCDR Provider Registration

Below are instructions and a short video explaining how to register providers for MACRA as well as information regarding the QCDR registration fee. NOTE: please disregard the 2021 QCDR Registration and Fee deadlines at the beginning of the video. For current deadlines please reference the help article below.



  • Register all applicable providers for the MACRA reporting year and pay the QCDR registration fee.


  • Complete QCDR provider registration by November 30th.

  • Pay QCDR registration fee by January 31st.


  1. Review Instructions

  2. TIN Settings

  3. Report Settings

  4. IA Attestations

Review Instructions

  1. Click here to log in to the Graphium EMR Dashboard™. If you do not have access to the dashboard, please contact your organization's Administrator.

  2. Click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and then choose “QCDR Settings”.

  3. The Instructions page will automatically appear to provide a summary for each step of the QCDR provider registration process. Please reference this page if you have questions throughout the registration process. After you have reviewed the instructions, click “Next” in the top right corner.

TIN Settings

  1. All facilities within your organization should be listed under Step 1: TIN Settings.

  2. Next to each facility you intend to submit cases for CMS, check the box labeled “Submit cases for this facility”. Note: please leave “Test Facility” unchecked.

  3. A list of providers within that facility will appear. If all providers for which you intend to submit cases have the same Tax ID Number, then click the box labeled “All Providers use the same Billing TIN”.

  4. Input the Group TIN within the space provided. The TIN will auto-populate next to each provider.

  5. If your providers will not be reporting under the same Group TIN, uncheck the box labeled “All Providers use the same Billing TIN” and then manually input each provider’s unique TIN for which you intend to report. Once complete, click “Save and Continue”.

  6. You can move back and forth between steps by clicking the “Back” or “Next” buttons in the top right hand corner. If you make changes within any of the steps, the “Next” button will become a “Save and Continue” button. Note: any changes made could affect data within the next step. Please review all steps for accuracy after making any changes. 

Reporting Settings

  1. Step 2: Reporting Settings allows you to select either the Group Reporting option or the Individual Reporting option. We highly recommend selecting the Group Reporting option and registering all providers under your Tax ID Number.

  2. Checking the Group Reporting box will default to both Group and Individual reporting options as allowed by CMS. If needed, you can still deselect any providers that did not work with your group this reporting year, by unchecking the “Enable Reporting” box next to their name.

  3. Leaving the Group Reporting box unchecked while also leaving individual providers enabled, means you intend to report those providers under Individual Reporting. 

  4. Each provider enabled for reporting incurs a registration fee. You can find the “Total QCDR Registration Fee” for your organization tabulated in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Note: the Total QCDR Registration Fee must be paid before Graphium can submit your data to the QCDR for CMS.

  5. Once you’ve completed your reporting settings, click Save and Continue.

IA (Improvement Activity) Attestations

  1. Attesting to improvement activities performed for each TIN for 90 days or more during the reporting period, is required in order for QCDR to submit your MACRA data to CMS.

  2. Please review all improvement activities listed within Step 3: IA Attestations and select either Yes or No attesting to performance of that activity. If you need further detail regarding a particular improvement activity, please refer to the Instructions page at the beginning of the QCDR registration process. Note: activities must not be left blank. 

  3. To earn full credit in this category, participants must attest to at least one of the following combinations of activities as noted in the gray section at the top of the screen: 

      • Two high weighted activities

      • One high weighted AND two medium weighted activities

      • Four medium weighted activities

  4. Once you’ve completed all three steps of the QCDR Provider Registration, please click “Save and Finish” to finalize your registration. A banner should appear at the top of your screen that says “QCDR Completed and Saved”.