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(5) Opening an Encounter

Opening an Encounter (Patient Info Pre-loaded)

There are 3 different Methods for Opening an Encounter

  1. Browse to find Patient in "Today's Admissions"
  2. Click to Scan Barcode
  3. Click to Search

Creating an Encounter (No Patient Information Pre-loaded)

When Patient info is not Pre-loaded, an Encounter must be created. There are 2 methods to create and Encounter.

  1. Scan the patient barcode to create an Encounter
  2. On the home screen click on “+Add Encounter” and then Manually enter the Encounter Number

NOTE: An ENCOUNTER, also known as a "case" or a "procedure," is a term that refers to a unique patient visit. An encounter number, then, is a unique, non-repeatable number that identifies the case/procedure/encounter number.


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