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Troubleshooting WiFi Connectivity

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Below is a list of troubleshooting tips to try:

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Verify if there are any Graphium outages by checking Graphium’s Status Page

  • If a new/ongoing issue is reflected on the status page, make sure to subscribe to updates by clicking the "Subscribe to Updates" button in the top right corner. Note: you will need to confirm your subscription to these updates via receipt of a confirmation email.

  • Once the issue has been resolved, you should receive a status update notification, at which time you can login to the app again and resume charting cases.
  • If no connection issues exist, then proceed to Step 2.

2.     Confirm your WiFi connection is working, by trying a different WiFi connection or a WiFi               hotspot you know is connected to the internet.

  • If your WiFi connection is indeed working, then proceed to Step 3.

  • If your WiFi is not working, re-establish your WiFi connection and try charting cases again.

  • If you are unable to maintain a consistent and stable WiFi connection, please consult your IT department for possible solutions. Below is a Wireless Assessment and Remediation document your IT department may find helpful.

    Wireless Assessment and Remediation

3.     It is possible the Graphium app is outdated on your device. Please confirm you are using the

        latest version of the app from the Apple app store.

  • If you are using the latest version, then proceed to Step 4.

  • If you are not using the latest version, please update the Graphium app and then try charting cases again.

    4.     Are you able to log out and successfully log back into the Graphium app on a different                      device?

    • If yes, then proceed to Step 5.

    • If not, then please contact Graphium Support and provide detailed information regarding the issues you are experiencing.  

    5.     If you can successfully log out and back in, please paste the following URL into a new

            browser and send Graphium Support the output you see on your screen: 


    • If you cannot load the above URL, then something is likely blocking your connection (perhaps a Firewall). Please contact your IT department for possible solutions.

    • If you receive the below URL output response, your service is responding appropriately and should be able to chart cases. Please contact Graphium Support and provide detailed information regarding the issues you are experiencing, including the below output response.