Service Map Dashboard

Map view of your service footprint across your community.

Filter Default Setting Action
Is Voided is = No Removes all voided cases
Is Test Facility is = No Removes all cases from Test Facility
Is Anes Case is = Yes Includes only Anes case forms (ie. excludes OOR forms)
Is OB Case is any value Includes OB and non-OB case types
Date of Service is in the past = 1 month Shows all cases in current month
Facility is equal to [blank] Includes all Facilities (except Test Facility)
EN is equal to [blank] Includes all ENs
Anes Provider is equal to [blank] Includes all Anes Providers
Surgeon is equal to [blank] Includes all Surgeons


Service Map

  • Description: Using your patients’ home zip codes, the heat map shows your actual market footprint.