Projected MACRA Detail (No Billing Code) Dashboard

Case level details for every reported MACRA measure

Filter Default Setting Action Applied Tiles
Is Voided is = No Removes all voided cases All
Is Test Facility is = No Removes all cases from Test Facility All
Is Anes Case is = Yes Includes only Anes case forms (ie. excludes OOR forms) All
Is OB Case is any value Includes OB and non-OB case types All
Date of Service is in the past = 1 month Shows all cases in current month All
Facility is equal to [blank] Includes all Facilities (except Test Facility) All
EN is equal to [blank] Includes all ENs All
Anes Provider is equal to [blank] Includes all Anes Providers All
Surgeon is equal to [blank] Includes all Surgeons All


Form Completion (%, n)

  • Description: Overall form completion average, along with total number of forms being analyzed.

Facility Avg Performance

  • Description: Facility average performance for all providers and all cases.

    • Left y-axis: Average performance met percentage for each measure shown on x-axis
    • Right x-axis: Points available for Composite Performance Score per measure based on national benchmarks. Max points is 10. If “0” points showing, then either Performance Met = 0% or national benchmarks for given measure are not yet available.

MACRA Case Details Table

  • Description: List of how each individual case was scored for each Quality measure. There are 5 available options shown below. Hover over the icon to see a tooltip showing the measures final designation for a given case. Of note, these QCDR evaluations do not include the required billing codes for final submission. Therefore, these are consider only projections and may differ considerable from final performance met scores by CMS.
  • Available State for each measure:
    • Performance Met (green check mark)
    • Performance Not Met (red “x” mark)
    • Denominator Exception (green asterisks)
    • Ineligible (black dash)
    • Data Incomplete (exclamation point)
  • Data Elements: Facility, Encounter Number, Anes Start Date/Time, Form Hyperlink, Measure Outcome.