Importing Case Data & Billing Codes

Below are instructions explaining how to submit MACRA case data and corresponding ASA and Surgical Billing code(s). 


  • Prepare and submit case data with corresponding ASA and Surgical Billing code(s) to Graphium.


  • Import first quarter ASA and Surgical Billing code(s) for your Graphium cases by April 30th. 

  • Import second quarter ASA and Surgical Billing code(s) for your Graphium cases by July 31st. 

  • Import third quarter ASA and Surgical Billing code(s) for your Graphium cases by October 31st. 

  • Import fourth quarter ASA and Surgical Billing code(s)for your Graphium cases by January 13th.


  1. Format Billing Code Import Files

  2. Import Billing Code File(s) to Graphium

Format Billing Code Import File(s)

  1. If your organization would like to utilize Excel, we highly encourage you to click here and download our Excel import template. However, please note: Excel file types (.xlsx) are not supported within the Graphium Billing Code Importer tool. Therefore, once you have created your Excel file, you will need to save it as one of the acceptable file types (.csv, .tsv, or .txt) before performing your import.

  2. Here are some key points to consider when formatting your “Billing Code Import” file:

    • Each “Billing Code Import” file must only contain data from a single facility. Note: if the facility has a high volume of cases, we recommend importing billing code data on a monthly basis. This will improve user experience and make managing results of the matching process much easier.

    • Each case must only appear once in the “Billing Code Import” file and must include all associated ASA and Surgical Billing code(s).

    • Please ensure header row (containing the column names) is not repeated throughout the file.
    • Data within the “Billing Code Import File” must be formatted correctly:

      • The ASA or Surgical Billing code(s) must contain 5 digits, including any leading 0's. For example, billing code(s) should be entered as "00790" not as "790". In Excel, this can be formatted using a custom format of "00000".

      • Date of Service must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD. In Excel, this can be formatted using a custom format of “yyyy-mm-dd".

      • Anesthesia Start Time must be formatted as HH:MM:SS. In Excel, this can be formatted using a custom format of “hh-mm-ss". Once selected,  please ensure times do not include AM/PM and there are no extra spaces before or after times.

Import Billing Code File(s) to Graphium

  1. Once you have properly formatted your billing code file and saved it as one of the acceptable file types, click here to log into the Graphium EMR Dashboard™. If you do not have access to the dashboard, please contact your organization's Administrator.

  2. Click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and then choose "Import".

  3. Click on "+ New Import".

  4. Click on the "Billing Code Import" button for the applicable year.

  5. Choose your applicable facility from the “Select Facility” drop down menu and then click "Create". Note: the title for your import will default to the filename you select, but you can enter a different title in the "TITLE" box provided.

  6. Click on "Upload data from file" and use the file explorer to locate your file for upload. Once you select the file it will automatically upload. If you prefer not to upload your data, you will need to manually enter the billing and case data on this page. Note: as mentioned above, you may upload any acceptable file type (.csv, .tsv, or .txt), with any number of columns, as long as it has ONLY 1 record per row. The next step will allow you to match your columns to Graphium's accepted data categories, and you'll be able to clean up or remove data before uploading.

  7. The column titles within your file may not match our system’s default categories. Therefore, you must “map” or match your unique column titles to Graphium's defaults. Your unique column titles will appear on the left side of each section. Choose the matching Graphium category from the drop down menu on the right side of each section and then  click "Review". Note: if a column contains no data, click "ignore this column".image-png-Mar-18-2022-04-02-49-93-PM copy

  8. Use the toggle button in the top left labeled "Only show rows with problems" to review formatting issues found within your file (they will be highlighted in red). If you hover over a red cell, a description of the correct formatting guideline should appear. You can then double click the red cell and correct the formatting error. NOTE: this step ONLY highlights formatting errors, not data matching inaccuracies.

  9. Once you have corrected all errors, click "Continue". If you have a significant number of errors, you may choose to return to your original file, make all necessary corrections, and then re-upload the corrected file.

  10. The following pop-up will appear. Simply click Yes to begin your billing code file import.