Importing Form Batches

An organization's Data Entry Administrator has access to 6 key functions within the “Import Batches” section of the Graphium Collector™ Dashboard. Below are instructions on how to navigate and utilize this section.


  • Navigate and utilize the “Import Batches” section of the Graphium Collector™ Dashboard. 


  • Import a new batch of forms for Graphium’s data entry as needed.
  • Monitor the progress of all batches generated for your organization on a monthly basis.
  • Review form errors within batches that are pending completion on a monthly basis. 
  • Review and ensure all batches created have been completed on a monthly basis.      


  1. Setup Import Batches 
  2. Import a New Batch of Forms
  3. Monitor Batch Import Progress
  4. Review Pending Batches
  5. Ensure Batch Completion

Setup Import Batches

  1. Click here to login to the Graphium Collector™ Dashboard .
  2. On the left side of the screen, click on the “Collector” drop down menu and choose “Batches”.
  3. If you do not have access to the features within the Batches section, you will need to obtain Data Entry Administrator privileges. Please click the link below for instructions on how to gain access:

    Send Invitations Help Article

Import a New Batch of Forms

  1. A batch of forms can be imported by clicking the green “New Batch” button in the upper right corner of the “Import Batches” section.
  2. A New Batch pop-up menu should appear.
  3. Find the forms file on your computer that you wish to import by clicking “Browse”. 
    Note: Batch Name will default to your filename unless manually changed.
  4. Choose your “Batch Template” from the drop down menu, based on the paper MACRA form version currently used by providers.
  5. Choose the applicable “Facility” from the drop down menu.
  6. "Date/Time Batch Received” will default to the time of your import unless manually changed.
  7. Click on the blue “Create” button in the bottom right corner.
  8. Once complete, the batch should appear within the “Generating” tab.

Monitor Batch Import Progress

  1. Batches of forms must be generated in the Graphium system in order to become available for data entry. The “Generating” tab shows if records are currently generating, or in an error state and need to be regenerated.  
  2. If a batch errors in generation, the Data Entry Administrator must open the batch by clicking on the “Batch Name”.
  3. Inside the Batch Details, select the “Regenerate Records” button.
  4. Once your batch of forms has been successfully generated, it should appear in the “Triage” tab. The “Triage” tab shows all unassigned batches awaiting Data Entry.
  5. Once your batch has been assigned to a Graphium Data Entry team member, it will appear in the “Processing” tab. The “Processing” tab shows all your batches being processed as well as the assigned team member and progress.
  6. Under the “Data Entry Progress” Column, you may notice any combination of the following four colors, which each represent a different state of progress a record is in.
  7. Once a data entry team member has processed your batch and it needs no further review or corrections, it will appear under the “Complete” tab. Batches that have one or more record(s) requiring correction(s) will appear in the “Pending Review” tab.

    Data Entry Administrators should be monitoring the progress of all batches generated for their organization on a  monthly basis.

Review Pending Batches

  1. To review pending batches, click on the blue filename on the left side under the “Batch Name/ID” column.
  2. The Batch Details will appear.
  3. Each individual Record (form) ID will be listed on the left. If a form is complete and needs no further review, the “Invalid/Review Fields” column will be blank. If a form needs further review, you will see an icon next to it. A red lightning bolt means data is missing and a yellow caution triangle means data needs review/correction.
  4. Click on the pencil icon to the far right of the table under the “Actions” column.
  5. A copy of your form will appear on the left and 8 areas of data entry will appear on the right. Each area will be marked with an icon which indicates its status and should match the icons mentioned above (red lightning bolt for missing data, yellow caution triangle for fields pending review, and a green check mark for complete).
  6. You will want to click on the title of any section marked with a yellow triangle or red lightning bolt, for review. 
  7. You will notice that the data entry area has input fields which correspond to your form on the left.
  8. The number within the yellow warning triangle will notify you of how many fields in that section need your attention. Below is a list of errors you may see, along with a brief description of each and the action you should take to correct the error.
  9. To clear an error, click on the gray exclamation point triangle next to the error, and a drop down menu will appear. 
  10. Select “Clear Error” and the field will become interactive. Input the correct information, and move on to the next error. Note: if you complete all the necessary fields, a green check mark will appear next to the field name.
  11. Sometimes documents that are not patient forms (i.e. clinic schedules, patient surveys, patient waivers, etc.) accidentally get scanned and submitted within a batch for processing. If the document you are reviewing happens to not be a patient form, you can click the red “Ignore” button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  12. Once all errored fields have been corrected, click the green “Save and Reprocess” button in the bottom right corner.
  13. You should be redirected back to the Batch Details screen, where you can select any other remaining forms with errors. 
  14. Once you have reviewed and corrected all necessary forms, and there are no remaining warning symbols under the Invalid/Review Fields column, click the blue “Return to Batches” link in the top left corner.
  15. You should be redirected back to the “Import Batches” screen, where you can once again click the “Pending Review” tab and review more batches as necessary.
  16. Once you have reviewed and corrected all errors within all pending batches under the “Pending Review” tab, your screen should state “No Matching Records Found”.

    Data Entry Administrators should review form errors within batches that are pending completion on a monthly basis. Please note: batches left pending for longer than 1 year will automatically be ignored and moved to completion.

Ensure Batch Completion

  1. Once you have completed the pending review process for all pending batches, click on the “Complete” tab. A list of all your completed batches will appear.
  2. Under the “Data Entry Progress” column, all bars should be either completely green or contain a small amount of red if there was a document within that batch you ignored/discarded.

    Data Entry Administrators should review and ensure all batches created have been completed on a monthly basis.