(4) How to Resend a User Invitation

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If your new user invitation to Graphium Health has expired, please contact your organization's Administrator and request the invitation be resent to your specified email address. Below are instructions for how to resend a user invitation. Note: this function can only be performed by an Organization Administrator.

  1. Login at https://app.graphiumemr.com

  2. Go to Settings: 


  3. Choose "Users and Invitations" under Organization Settings:

  4. Click on Invitations in the upper left corner:

  5. Search for the name or email address of the user invitation which has expired. Note: the "Invitation Status" of the user will be noted in red as either NEW or EXPIRED.

  6. Click the red "Resend" button to the right of the user's email address and the invitation will be resent to the user. Note: the user has 24 hours to accept the invitation via email before it expires.
  7. Once the user has successfully accepted their invitation, the "Invitation Status" will be green and reflect ACCEPTED.