Importing Form Values to a Value Set

Below are instructions explaining how to import pre-populated values for use on your forms.


  1. Format Value Set Import File(s)

  2. Import Value Set File(s) to Graphium

Format Value Set Import File(s)

  1. If your organization would like to utilize Excel, we highly encourage you to click here and download the applicable value set import template. However, please note: Excel file types (.xlsx) are not supported within Graphium's import tool. Therefore, once you have created your Excel file, you will need to save it as one of the acceptable file types (.csv, .tsv, or .txt) before performing your import. 

  2. Here are some key points to consider when formatting your "Value Set Import" file:
  • Should you choose to use one of Graphium's Value Set Import templates (listed here), default data may be provided within the file. If you do not need one or more of the defaults provided, simply highlight the applicable row and remove it. You can also add values to the file should you need data that was not provided as part of the default set.
  • Each "Value Set Import" file must only contain data for a single facility.

  • Each value must only appear once in the "Value Set Import" file.

  • If a value is already in use at your facility but is then included within your "Value Set Import" file, any previous information for that value will be updated. 
  • Please ensure the header row (containing the column names) is not repeated throughout the file.
  • Each file must contain a value Code and Description.

  • Service is not a required field, it is simply a suggested field.
  • Track Wastage is not a required field, it is simply a suggested field.

Import Value Set File(s) to Graphium

  1. Once you have properly formatted your "Value Set Import" file and saved it as one of the acceptable file types, click here to log into the Graphium EMR Dashboard™. If you do not have access to the dashboard, please contact your organization's Administrator.

  2. Click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and select "Import" under Data Entry:

  3. Click the red + New Import button in the top right hand corner.
  4. A pop up menu to Create an Import Batch will appear with a list of value sets to choose from.

  5. Click the red Select button under the applicable value set you would like to use to import your form values. The below popup window will appear. Click the facility drop down menu and select the facility you would like to import values for and then click the red "Create" button in the bottom right hand corner.

  6. The Bulk Add Value Set Import tool will appear.

  7. You may choose to manually enter a value by simply clicking the cell within the import tool. Note: columns with an asterisk are required to contain data in order to proceed. Or, you may also choose to upload the "Value Set Import" file you already created above with your list of preferred value codes and descriptions. Simply click on "Upload data from file" and use the file explorer to locate your file for upload. Once you select the file it will automatically upload.
  8. If you notice a red cell while entering your value or description, it means there is a formatting error within the data your are inputting. Simply hover over the red cell and a description of the correct formatting guideline should appear. You can then double click the red cell and correct the formatting error. Note: you cannot proceed with importing your values until all format issues have been resolved. 

  9. If you notice the column titles within your file do not match our system’s default columns, you will need to “map” or match your unique column titles to Graphium's defaults.

  10. After you upload your file, the below pop up window should appear. Your file's unique column titles will appear on the left side of each section. Choose the matching Graphium category from the drop down menu on the right side of each section, and then click the green "Confirm Mapping" button. If a column within your file does not have a matching Graphium default, click the "Ignore this Column" button. 

  11. Once you've successfully mapped your columns of data and clicked the red "Review" button, a final screen should appear listing all of your values and their corresponding descriptions for the specified value set. Click the red "Continue" button in the bottom right corner.  

  12. A confirmation popup will appear asking if you are ready to submit/upload the values to your forms. Simply click Yes.

  13. You will be automatically redirected back to the Import Batch home page, where you should see your value set import at the top of the list. You will also see the number of values you uploaded highlighted under the Status column. Note: if the number is highlighted in yellow, simply refresh the page, as the system is simply in the process of finalizing your request.  

  14. Once the number is highlighted in green, the values have been successfully added to your form.

  15. Should there be numbers highlighted in red, it means there was a problem with the data you entered, and the error needs to be corrected.

  16. To correct errors, click the red View Details button under the Actions column. A list of the values you uploaded will appear. If you click the notebook icon under the Status column, a description of the error will appear. 

  17. Once you have identified the error, click the red Edit Record button under the Actions column and make the necessary corrections to the affected data field. Click the red Save button in the right corner.

  18. You will then need to reprocess that value, by clicking the red "Reprocess" button under the Actions column.

  19. Navigate back to the Import Batch homepage. If you updated the value correctly, the red highlighted number will now be green.