(5) How to Locate Username

Related Question: I forgot my username? My username isn't working? I can't login to Graphium? My password isn't working?

If you have forgotten your Graphium Health username or are having trouble logging into the Graphium system, please contact your organization's Administrator to confirm and/or obtain your username. Note: usernames are case sensitive.

Below are instructions for how to locate a user's username. Note: this function can only be performed by a Facility Administrator or Organization Administrator.

  1. Login at https://app.graphiumemr.com

  2. Go to Settings: 


  3. Choose "Users and Invitations" under Organization Settings:

  4. Click on "Users" in the upper left corner:

  5. Search for the name of the person who's username you wish to locate. 

  6. When providing the user with their username, be sure to transmit the information safely and securely. And remember, usernames are case sensitive!