Hardware Recommendations

Hardware recommendations for iPads and accessories.

iPad Pro's
We strongly recommend the most recent iPad Pro. They have the most available RAM that is what is most important in this use case. The screen size and storage memory are not significant for us.
  • iPad Pro's - Any screen size or storage capacity will work.
  • Apple Care - We also strongly recommend you get Apple Care. 
  • 2nd Gen Apple Pencil - This is required if your Anesthesia forms require handwriting. If your form is 100% discrete you do not need to purchase am Apple Pencil.
iPad Case
Cases can have a big impact on workflow. There is a lot of personal preference here but we like shockproof style case with a pencil holder in it.  The large foam casing and handle are great for this use case. If you have questions about cases you think might work will please let us know. Below is an example of a few cases we like on Amazon. 
iPad Pro Case Example

Other Options
Mobile Device Management (AKA - MDM)
  • We like jamf Now Device Management - $3 per device per month over the first 3 devices. There are plenty of other options and it is up to the group or local IT.