How Do I Access and Print a Form?

This article shows two different ways to print completed forms and/or a blank PDF of your form(s).

How to access and print a form from Graphium EMR Dashboard.

Below are instructions on how to access and print a completed form and/or blank PDF from the Graphium EMR Dashboard: 

  1. Login at
  2. Go to Patients -> Form Search

  3. Click the "Filter your search" link, add the necessary parameters, and then click Search. Note that you must specify a Facility.

  4. The list of matching forms will be displayed below. To view a form, click the gear icon, then click View Form.

  5. The form will be opened in a new browser window (or tab) for the purposes of viewing and or downloading. Click on the gear icon, then click Download Form to download the form as a PDF. Once downloaded, you should be able to print the form as needed.

How to access and print a form from the Graphium App on an iPad.

Below is a video and instructions on how to access and print a completed form and/or blank PDF from an iPad: 

HubSpot Video

Step 1: Access the System

  • Begin by logging into the system. Ensure you are in the appropriate organization and facility within the system.

Step 2: Select Facility and Form

  • Choose either your test facility or live facility. If you select the live facility, make sure you are choosing a test patient and when you are done with all the steps, void the from your printing.
  • Select the type of form you need. For example, in the above demonstration, we will select a "General" form.

Step 3: Clear Patient Information

  • Once the form is opened, you will see the test patient information in the lower right side of the form.
  • To ensure the form is blank, on the first page of the form, you can zoom into this area and delete any pre-filled information. This will ensure that the backup copy you have is blank.

Step 4: Ignore Red Fields

  • You might see some fields highlighted in red; ignore these as they are not essential for the blank form and will not show up in the print or the PDF.

Step 5: Add Additional Pages (Optional)

  • If you require more pages in your form, you can add extra pages.

Step 6: Prepare to Print

  • Once you are satisfied with the blank form, navigate to the print settings.
  • Before printing, confirm that the form is entirely blank and you have all the pages you would need for a bank back up form.

Step 7: Print or Save

  • Click on the "Print" option to print the form. You can print as many copies as you need and keep them as backup in case of an outage.
  • Alternatively, use the option to save the form. You can email it to yourself or save it locally on your computer as a PDF.

Step 8: Store Safely

  • It is recommended to always have a paper backup copy available or at least save the form as a PDF on a local desktop that does not require internet connectivity. This ensures you have access to the forms in case of a network outage.

Remember: Having backup copies of essential forms is a proactive measure to ensure uninterrupted workflow even in the event of system or network failures.