Case Cancellations Detail Dashboard

Case level details for every reported case cancellation

Filter Default Setting Action Applied Tiles
Is Voided is = No Removes all voided cases All
Is Test Facility is = No Removes all cases from Test Facility All
Is Anes Case is = Yes Includes only Anes case forms (ie. excludes OOR forms) All
Is OB Case is any value Includes OB and non-OB case types All
Date of Service is in the past = 1 month Shows all cases in current month All
Facility is equal to [blank] Includes all Facilities (except Test Facility) All
EN is equal to [blank] Includes all ENs All
Anes Provider is equal to [blank] Includes all Anes Providers All
Surgeon is equal to [blank] Includes all Surgeons All


Case Cancellation Rate (%, n/d)

  • Description: The % of cases cancelled and recorded within GraphiumEMR.
  • Formula: Count of Cancelled Cases / Count of all Cases

Case Cancellation Table

  • Data Elements: Encounter Number, Facility, Anes Start Date/Time, Cancellation Category, Cancellation Description, Anes Provider, Surgeon, Surgeon Specialty, Form Hyperlink